Among Valhmor’s quality meat products, you will find various cuts of beef, pork, veal, lamb, rabbit, venison, kangaroo, wild boar and other meats derived from the best sources.

Fresh meats include, but are not limited to, the following sought-after cuts from highly acclaimed sources:

  • Argentina grass fed rib eye, fillet,  striploin, the heart of rump and picanha.
  • Aberdeen Angus Irish grass fed ribeye, fillet, rump, flap meat, short ribs and cheeks.
  • Brazilian Angus ribeye.
  • Scottona Italian ribeye, fillet, T-bone, tomahawk and striploin.
  • Australian Wagyu ribeye, tenderloins and chuck ribs.
  • Belgian milk-fed and grain-fed veal.
  • Irish lamb cuts.


Frozen meats include the following cuts which are in high demand:

  • Fillet, ribeye, striploin, rump, topside and knuckle from various origins.
  • Spanish pork, loins, collars, loin ribs, spare ribs frenched rack and cheeks.
  • Milk-fed and grain-fed veal fillet, loins, knuckles and topside.
  • New Zealand lamb legs, shanks, boneless legs and shoulders, frenched rack and tenderloins.


Contact us to enquire regarding Valhmor’s full list of meat products. Furthermore, Valhmor will make every effort to satisfy specific requests and source any ad-hoc ingredients you may require.