Assistant Sales Manager


The Assistant Sales Manager forms part of the Sales Department of Valhmor Borg Import / Export Limited (VBIE). The objective of the position is to assist the Sales Manager in all day-to-day tasks including but not limited to, the required support to the sales support clerks, sales representatives and customers’ queries and orders including also ‘wholesale’ clients. The Assistant Manager is also expected to increase Valhmor’s customer database by promoting the entire portfolio of products to new clients and identify any new products in order to increase turnover and reach profit maximization.

Qualifications & Experience

  Duties will include:

  • Able to use confidently IT system provided
  • Monitor sales representatives’ performance by analyzing sales data by customer, customer type and product
  • Daily analysis of sales, by monitoring turnover
  • Constant monitoring that Sales Representatives’ Sales targets are being achieved and possibly exceeded on an individual basis
  • Daily end-of-day briefings with all Sales Representatives to discuss performance for the day and to deploy the following day’s schedule – together with the Sales Manager identifies products that can be shown or given to clients as samples with the aim of increasing the range of products to be sold. Samples given to clients are to be recorded together with feedback and action taken.
  • Ensure a positive and self-motivational attitude to be able to motivate subordinates and maintain a healthy working environment
  • Monitor and effectively replies to customers’ complaints within the least possible lead time and take the necessary steps to retain a good company image
  • Handle new customers’ enquiries and acts accordingly
  • Analyse the weekly sales report/s by product – 3 to 5 products have to be identified for each category of clients and passed on to the Sales
  • Representatives so that particular attention will be given. The list of items identified will be passed on to the sales reps every Friday morning so that they can mark information sheets accordingly in order to perform continuous follow-ups and provide feedback during the following week – any irregular observations should be highlighted to the Sales Manager.
  • Together with the Sales Manager, conducts weekly sales meetings with Sales Representatives as a follow-up of the weekly sales report/s analysis
  • Conduct weekly product knowledge exercises with the various sales representatives
  • Follow-up of the weekly sales report/s by getting in contact with clients to promote products as directed from time to time by the Sales Manager
  • Conduct monthly analysis of products sold by each sales representative and acts accordingly
  • Conduct monthly analysis of sales by client and sales representative and acts accordingly
  • Attend monthly aged debtors meeting with the General Manager, Sales Manager and Credit Controller
  • Continuously updates the Sales Manager with analytical sales data
  • Regularly accompanies Sales Representatives on their sales routes to evaluate their cross-selling and up-selling skills, as well as to analyze the route for any required changes if deemed necessary
  • Regularly visits clients independently
  • Be proactive in detecting any predictable irregular circumstances and able to rectify accordingly
  • Constant liaising with the Purchasing Department for product information and availability
  • Train and develop Sales Representatives where necessary to increase their skills, knowledge and abilities
  • Ensure safety procedures within the Sales Department are adhered to by maintaining cleanliness
  • Strict adherence to company confidentiality and professionalism
  • Attend training programs as instructed by the company, during or outside office hours

Core competencies, Knowledge & Experience:

  • A solid knowledge and experience in the food industry business
  • Good academic level of education
  • Strong command of Microsoft Office tools especially in Word and Excel
  • Able to manage and motivate a team of employees
  • Ability to maintain a healthy customer care relationship and able to work under constant pressure
  • Self-motivated, well-organized, good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Able to work on own initiative and meet deadlines
  • Applying a positive attitude of can-do, right-the-first-time, speed and passion.


An attractive remuneration package, commensurate with experience will be offered to the chosen candidate. Interested applicants are requested to submit an application letter together with a CV to [email protected] or address them to:

The Human Resources Manager,

Valhmor Borg Import/Export Company Limited,

4, Pinto Road,

Marsa, MRS 1912